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Monday, July 19, 2004

Bumper to bumper

To start this blog off with a bang...
The Guardian's fiction special is what you should be reading now, so go there. This new Blogger template thing is so cool.
Saw two Woody Allen films yesterday, Manhattan and Annie Hall, which makes me realize, for some odd reason, how much character Calcutta has, as a city with an organic life of its own, as opposed to Delhi's aggressive concrete-boned auto-corpuscled soullessness. but enough bitching about Delhi, will be out of here soon.
Am dying to read the reviews for both Spiderman 2 and Shrek 2, but wont... at least not until ive seen the film. Though ive heard the process is supposed to work the other way. But do try the Which superhero are you? quiz. I was, predictably, Spiderman.


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