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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Curled up in a corner

of the office, Putu casts a supercilious eye about and settles down for a morning read.
What delights me is the spirit, if not the letter of this book that's come out in France that encourages people to do as little work as possible. Yet another book Putu would have written if Putu could have taken time off from being absolutely fabulous.
The BBC's entertainment page has a story about complaints to the BBC that sounds a lot like the Monty Python skit of the same name

(Flying circus season 2...from montypython.net)

Dr Cream I would like to take this opportunity of complaining about the way in which these shows are continually portraying psychiatrists who make pat diagnoses of patients' problems without first obtaining their full medical history.
Cut back to milkman with doctor.
Milkman (handing over yogurt) Mind you, that's just a pat diagnosis made without first obtaining your full medical history.
Cut to man at desk.
Man I feel the time has come to complain about people who make rash complaints without first making sure that those complaints are justified.
Cut to Dr Cream.
Dr Cream Are you referring to me?
Cut back to man.
Man Not necessarily, however, I would like to point out that the BALPA spokesman was wearing the British Psychiatric Association Dinner Dance Club cuff-links.
Cut to Dr Cream.
Dr Cream Oh yes, I noticed that too.
Cut to BALPA man.
BALPA Man These are not British Psychiatric Association Dinner Dance Club cuff-links.
Cut to man.
Man Sorry.
Cut to BALPA man.
BALPA Man They are in fact British Sugar Corporation Gilbert-and-Sullivan Society cuff-links. It is in fact a sort of in-joke with us lads here at BALPA. I think the last speaker should have checked his facts before making his own rash complaint.
Cut to Dr Cream.
Dr Cream Yes, that'll teach him.
Cut to BALPA man.
BALPA Man However, I would just like to add a complaint about shows that have too many complaints in them as they get very tedious for the average viewer.
Cut to another man.
Another Man I'd like to complain about people who hold things up by complaining about people complaining. It's about time something was done about it.
(the sixteen-ton weight falls on him) 

Anyway, there's also a nice profile of Spike Lee on NYTimes. And one in the Independent on Daniel Pennac. The Independent also carries an interesting story on the super-sales of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. Hey, nice books page on the Independent. Will add to template.
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