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Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Gurinder Chadda in the Guardian on (what else?) multiculturalism, but thats not all. good profile. And on the superhero frontier, my refusal to read a single Spiderman review continues.but read with enthusiasm that Brian Singer of the X-men movies is going to direct the next Superman movie. and here are two more, on robots in film and real life, here and here. NYTimes also has an interesting profile of Colin Farrell. Though I hate their whole self-righteous Mr. Farrell bullshit.
In books, though it's a little dated now, here's a long interview with Hari Kunzru :) and Sheela Reddy's piece on Shiv Khera and plagiarism in Outlook. This week's Bibliophile is actually decent. Incidentally, Ms. Reddy is thinking of chucking it all and going off to Hyderabad to write a non-fiction opus...and Putu is all in favour. Putu would give her a big thumbs up, if Putu had thumbs.


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