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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Putu is thrilled to read this very positive review of Catwoman in the Guardian; Putu saw the trailer during a trip to see spidey 2 (yes, again) and was most enchanted by Ms Berry's cat.
Another movie that Putu recommends highly, though it has nothing to do with cats and is a thoroughly bad movie, is Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy, starring Jane Fonda and a host of other bad actors.

The classic climax sequence where the villain tries to kill Barbarella by playing a piano that has sex with its victims till they die (Ms. Fonda takes it all and wants more and the piano explodes in flames) is truly one of the best sequences of 20th century

So, you escaped the birds!Just as well. It is my turn for some amusement.Come with me.This way, please!-
What is this thing? -
You will soon see, my dear.
It's... sort of nice, isn't it?
Yes. It is nice... In the beginning.Wait until the tune changes. It may change your tune as well.
Goodness, what do you mean?
When we reach the crescendo, you will die... of pleasure.Your end will be swift, but sweet... very sweet.What is this? I don't believe it.It couldn't be!Wretched girl... What have you done to my excessive machine?You've undone it. You've undone me. Look, look!Energy cables are shrinking. You've turned them into faggots.You've burned out the excessive machine. You've blown all its fuses.My goodness!You've exhausted its power. It couldn't keep up with you.Incredible! What kind of girl are you? Have you no shame?Shame! Shame on you! You'll pay for this.I've got something for you. You'll wish you had died of pleasure.Now you shall learn the wisdom of the lash.Haven't you done enough to me?I'll do things to you that are beyond all known philosophies.Wait until I get my devices.

The movie is based, of course, on the comic strip

In other news, R2D2 has been voted the worlds favourite droid. And even the New York Times has discovered, suddenly, that a lot of movies are being made from comics and graphic novels. Interesting slideshow on their site chronicling lowbrow stoner comedies
On second thoughts, its quite bad, but hey, Putus put up the link anyway.



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