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Fear me, if you dare. Meow.

Friday, July 23, 2004

SOcialite evenings

Evening is when wine flows, laughter tinkles and a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Putu trots out to take the town by storm. And since Putu is a very discerning cat, Putu meets only the very cream and is the cat who gets it.
Yesterday Putu met Amitav Ghosh, who is fabulous. very charming, very down-to-earth and completely unfazed by the literary superstar thing. Putu missed his reading while trying to squeeze in too much in one evening and is unhappy to report that Sandip Ray's Bombaiyer Bombete is a bit of a bore. Putu's tail started waving early into the movie and disappeared entirely at some point of time later.
Putu and Amitav discussed book availability, science fiction and Calcutta, Amitav being suave and bhadraloky and Putu behaving like incoherent fancat.
But before I rush off...here's summer reading from the Guardian, and the Catwoman movie is apparently bad, despite this...

wonder how.


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