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Friday, July 30, 2004

Super Eagles

Interesting article, link via Kitabkhana, on Nigerian literature. Wonder if its a model that will follow the Indian one. I suspect its going to be that way, but the markets changed entirely, so itll be interesting to watch. Also read this feature in the Guardian on great unfinished films which made me wish i knew more...and a nice article from the BBC on Tolkien's reviews 50 years ago. Which just goes to show that none of the Moorcock-esque critiques of Tolkiens work are particularly new. Its just the racism thing which isnt discussed at all - but then again the reviewers there, like the ones here, were all circuit/circle/club types anyway. Multipolycultureliterariomniopinionatism has a lot to answer for.
The trailers for the new Batman are out. Apparently this is all dark and scary and everything. Good. Lots of follow up links on the page too. Christian Bale should be all intense and muscular, and the advantage of wearing a mask is that no one will have to see that the top half of his face doesnt move much either. Rest of the cast sounds super...Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Ken Watanabe, Morgan Freeman, Rutger Hauer...good lord.
Hmm. saw the trailer, which says nothing. presumably the dark and mysterious and sinister grey/brown/black/blue theme is supposed to be impressive. Will wait for it.
More interesting stuff: On the Hill website, an article about how Putu's main man Ali G did in another hapless politician.
But what is a definite mustread is this page about ninjas


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