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Friday, September 17, 2004


Putu's back from Bangalore, which is a nice city. The natives are friendly, the roads build personality and the auto drivers are polite and do not cause berserker rages like the ones in delhi. Putu especially enjoyed the traffic jams. Putu also bought quite a few new books, so all is well.
I will now curl up in a ball and go to sleep. The only known way to really wake me up is to give me the Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary edition, thus completing my collection. Well, now you know...
Since youre here, you might as well read about what we've talked about in the last two paragraphs...cities and legends. What the heck, theres also this thing about books women like which is also worth a glance.
Putu's also in a bit of a foul mood over the latest rejection, and so was much cheered by Hurree Babu's link to one of the rejection letters Ursula K LeGuin got once upon a time. Incidentally, does anyone else make up middle names for people with initials in the middle and then sort of stick to those even when you find out what the real ones are?
The great wizard who made Earthsea will always be Ursula Kumar LeGuin to me. And fond memories of first reading John Rocky Rambo Tolkien in 1991 still float back fondly...


Blogger zigzackly said...

Putu can come read my Tenth Anniversary C&H anytime Putu's in Bombay. :)

9:29 pm  
Blogger putu said...

thanks, o great and powerful Zz.
Putu's read it; Putu wants to OWN one. They have some new 1985-95 sunday strips thing out, but thats all pfoo and pfaa

5:02 am  

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