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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A Children's Editor's Prayer

by...well, by a children's editor, a very close friend of Putu's

Oh Lord God who rules the skies
Listen closely to my cries--

Save me, oh thou hallowed One
From Pip the Pony and Bing the Bun!

Save me from all magic beasts
And children having midnight feasts

And grannies in their little glasses
Teachers who abuse their classes

Protect me, Lord, and let me go
To meadows where no tulips grow

Lead me to streams where no fish dance
And stables where there is no chance

Of meeting horses who talk like men
Or matronly Mamma Hen.

Let no tale be a myth or fable
Give me sex on an office table.

Give me violence, give me gore
For goodness I can take no more.


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