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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Its not exactly...

Rocket Science. Via the Mumpsimus. Have also put up links to GalleyCat, the new blog from the CoC blogger (Putu wishes, Putu does, that the Indian publishing marketplace had this sort of thing to offer). Also, conspiracy theory collections on this site, via Zigzackly.
Putu is off to Bangalore in a bit, and has heard they have good bookstores there. Its Putus first time (in Bangalore, not in bookstores) so general purring is happening.
BTW, in response to a mail from a Putu reader, when Putu has time (and yes, Putu has other things to do) Putu will start a digested read series...for now, if anyone who reads this blog would like to send in short, clawed synopsis of any book he or she has read, preferably something that will cause Zigzackly to spill more coffee on his keyboard, this is where you send them to.


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