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Friday, September 10, 2004

Um, I'M the hindbrain, actually.

Putu the Cat.
Feline schizophrenia with a literary twist, and more than a little gender confusion, set in Calcutta, Harvard and the internet. Live on the web.
Who needs TV any more?

For those who love exotica, here's a review of a book about Maharanis by a Lucy someone.Sample:

" Jit was an Old Etonian and an anglophile. His family had long been the exotic pets of the British aristocracy and royal family. Less serious than her mother, Indira rejoiced in her new role; when her husband drank himself to death - a habit in the Cooch Behar family - she was genuinely distraught but soon settled down as an extravagantly merry widow. She spent a fortune on clothes and jewellery, gambled to excess, was an essential feature of every truly fashionable party and slept around with reckless abandon. "We called her the Maharani of Couche Partout," a friend remembered. "

Anyway, yet again. Thats one book Putu will not be reading.
Hurree Babu has the Boston WorldCon related links first, as usual, and the Mumpsimus has everything you might want to know on the subject, but Putu promises something more...a report on WorldCon from an Indian writer who delivered lectures on Speculative Fiction and the subcontinent, hopefully with pictures...coming up over the weekend. Mihihihi.

And speaking of gorgeous Chinese women (which we were, though you might not have noticed) here's the Guardian on Zhang Ziyi, who frequently puts the Zing back in Putu's life.
The site also has an interview with Mackenzie Cook, who Putu loves for very different reasons, primarily the popping eyeball scene in Pirates of the Caribbean.


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