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Monday, September 13, 2004

What Ancient Civilization Are You?

You are the Romans. Once the greatest empire in the
world, your power stretched through out most of
Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Ancient Near
East. (Putu cuts off long paragraphs of well-known history) As a Roman, you are proud, arrogant,
goal-oriented, argumentative, philosophical,
logical, rational, opinionated strong-willed, &
absolutely Hell-Bent on getting what you want,
and you will stop at little to obtain it. (Even
if it means resorting to lying, cheating,
stealing, conspiring, overthrowing, betrayal
and murder. Just as long as you don't get
caught, eh?)Your motto is "Carpe
Diem!", for those of you unversed in
Latin, "sieze the day!" (and anything
else that looks shiny, pretty, sexy, or
otherwise appealing.) You don't mean to be a
bad person, but you are like a sponge, quickly
soaking up the ideas, thoughts and propaganda
that surrounds you. You really would benefit
from some quiet time alone to meditate and form
your own thoughts and opinions. And dude, I can
totally see your junk through that toga.

What Ancient Civilization Are You?
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Blogger Meow said...

Really love this quiz.

I am a Sumerian.

(I am actually half Assyrian) So it seemed kinda cool

to get such a close match.


8:31 am  

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