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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Capital, capital

Putu returns to Delhi, and hopefully to regular blogging. And what better occasion to mark this historic return than a Rushdie/Dalrymple reading. At the oxford bookstore, cp, which frankly isnt that great. the staff are friendly, but somewhat bewildered - when asked for a science fiction section they lead you to an asimov book, explaining in the process what technology is.
Well, Willy D yelled a lot - not about Rambo G, but while reading - lots of put-on accents, loud laughter - very Benny Hill, but the gasping, oohingaahinh laughing-at-all-jokes-ing audience lapped it all up and begged for more.
and more they got, from sallu uncle, while dear padma lakshmi beamed on approvingly from the sidelines. no cleavage though, to the bitter disappointment of jabberwock. and putu, it must be said. the Great Man read out a rather long story, so long indeed that even his adoring audience, and god were they adoring, began to look thiswaythatway after a while.
putu was much complimented on putus winter fleshlayer, which is a sign of prosperity in feline cultures. and felines are the most cultured of all cultures, as is also widely known.
putu would also like to use this forum to announce the impending arrival of the NextNext Big Thing of IndLit, Rana Dasgupta, whose book Tokyo Cancelled passes all bigadvancesnootyreputation tests and comes out on jan 14. putu met rana, and they chatted in a worldly manner for a while, reminiscing fondly about their one previous meetng, where they had discussed the many varieties of giant anthropoid movie-star apes. putu also got a snazzy red/black/white card, announcing the arrival of tokyo cancelled - yet another insight into the world of high-flying writers. putu has had cards too in putus time, but these have mostly carried things like 'correspondent, features' so you will forgive putu for being terribly impressed.
after the do, the delhi city supplement locust horde attacked the happy couple and WD - asking many erudite questions about, hold your breath, books, love, india, and other things.
the Great Man also made snide remarks about Sir VS - awestruck audience, giggling almost continuously upto then, was stunned into silence. putu was going to cheer wildly, but was far away from the whole shabang at the time, looking at childrens books. so putu didnt.
the childrens books collection is not too hot, by the way. cal bookstores are in general much better than delhi ones. people from bangalore make lots of noise about their bookstores, which certainly contain many more good-looking people than cal ones, but not as many good books. dont know about bombay.


Blogger jaygee said...

hey... just wanted to let ya know that bombay suffers tremendously on account of bookstores.. have more stores that masquerade as bookstores and are more interested in do's and events than in books. am also positive that in all metros.. we perhaps have the worst kinda bookstores.. :) so that now u cant say u dont know about mumbai.

12:36 pm  
Blogger annie said...

My brother insists you're a woman (albeit a very talented one, he concedes). I was secretly hoping you were... I like women who write well, and write about things other than romance, love, lost selves, children, anger at being a woman-in-a-man's-world etc...
But your little mention of the disappointment you admit to feeling (wrt Padmalakshmi's recent show of modesty) makes me think that perhaps that is not the case...
So you are not a certain Ms Bose (my brother wants to know)?

3:08 pm  
Blogger putu said...

I am a cat. The gender of cats is always dubious until they have kittens. i have not, so far, had kittens.
i can state with certainty that i am not ms. bose. anything to that effect, and indeed, a claim that my birthday is on nov 3., can be attributed to a fit of either drunkenness or indiscretion in the Forebrain. The Hindbrain distinctly remembers being born in December.
And as for revealing comments (ha!) on padma lakshmi, women look at other women all the time!

4:14 pm  
Blogger annie said...

I ought to say 'charmingly elusive'.... oughtn't I?
Gender...it bothers me little.
And yes, women look at other women - obsessively, I'm afraid.

4:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Studiously ignoring all the sexist remarks about women-who-write-well, one must completely agree with the comments on Mumbai's bookshops...they're pathetic, with the sole exception of Lotus in Bandra -- and even its beam is dimming these days, to one's alarm.

5:09 pm  
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