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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Incredible omission

Putu loved the incredibles, but has found, after much thought, a flaw. mainstream superhero movies continue to portray cats in traditional, cliched terms - even when they have significant roles, these are either as slightly sinister pets lovingly stroked by otherwise immobile chair-bound villains, or as sleek and kinky sidekicks to leather-clad feline superheroines. now when you have a movie like the incredibles, which talkes about everything from nietzsche to adam west, why is a cat sitting in a tree and cunningly avoiding its litle old lady still seen as someone who needs to be SAVED?
the movie was perfect otherwise. go see it, and then go see it again.
one more time for the sweet souvenir, as bill the butcher (daniel day lewis, another part-time god) says in gangs of new york, as played in zee movie zone when they play the same movie four days in a row and claim that its a good thing.


Blogger Amardeep said...

Have you seen the movie "Cats and Dogs"? It's about a war between domestic cats and dogs, who are secretly hyper-intelligent and very high-tech.

It paints cats in, well, a rather negative light. But at least they can break out of their cliche roles as mindless sidekicks. Cat power!

7:22 pm  
Blogger motheater said...

Given the way the cat on the tree was struggling, the one thought on its mind was obviously "where the hell does this muscle bound moron get off... this tree BELONGS TO ME :-)

11:14 pm  

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