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Thursday, December 16, 2004

jonathans kitchen

Hm. In between interminable catnaps, unless thats an oxymoron, Putu has been steadfastly ignoring a steadily piling workload, unless thats a watchamaycallit when the second word is redundant, anyway, cats are above grammar, so...where was i?
yes, ignoring the workload and the latest deadline, putu, look, do i really have to bother with capitals, cats are above capitals, anyway...dammit.
forget all that. ive been reading jon strange and mr norrell, (cats. punctuation. above) not very far into it, but its very nice. wish i hadnt heard all the hype before i read it, though. specially love the footnotes, which are very involved and head off in twelve different directions, which in putus opinion is exactly what fantasy footnotes should do. other fans of jon stroud will know what i mean - like bartimaeus says, (fantastic creatures) are capable of thought on several different planes at once, and the best he can do you is, well, footnotes.
jonathan strange hasnt made an appearance yet, except as a passive wine drinker, but putus expectations are ever high.
and heres 10 books putu wants to read - 10 childrens books of the year
(elegant blogpost endings. cats. you know where we stand)


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