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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hurry to The Book Shop

and pick up a copy of Terry Pratchett's The Last Hero. 'Lavishly illustrated' is an understated, and its ridiculously cheap. Putu read the book three years ago, in London, and was saddened to think that this was a book Putu'd probably never be able to afford. But how things change. In the recent past, Putu not only bought this book, but also

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol II - great, but not as good as I - and two of the Sandman series add-ons, Death, The High Cost of Living and Endless Nights, which is a collection of stories, one about each of the Endless. Fabulous stuff.
Also Putu would like to formally welcome two new parts of the brain, who've just awakened, leading to the need for renaming and renegotiation of duties. Via this site, Putu found this interesting brain-segmentation pattern,

but since this sort of duty roster would mean less blogging for everyone, we'll have to go with the more conventional cat-brain picture.

I'm the cerebellum, and the forebrain shall now be known as the cerebral hemisphere. Our new friend the infundibulum has so far provided us with a newborns perspective on Enid Blyton, and the pons loves comics even more than I do.


Blogger Gautam Ghosh said...

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1:19 pm  
Blogger putu said...

some parts of our brain do look like his, tis true, but we are far from being him...

2:25 pm  
Blogger Gautam Ghosh said...



You removed my comment !

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