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Monday, August 23, 2004

Sloth and idleness

Putu drags Putus lazy ass to a chair and prepares to post.
Putu raises an affectionate paw to fellow literary felines captured onscreen - Susan Herbert's Shakespearean cats.
Here is a sample: King Lear

And here is a link to a lovely article about reviewese; Putu, having been on both sides of a reviewers keyboard, chants a thousand huzzahs.
Besides all this excitement, The Mumpsimus has an entertaining post on the China Mieville phenomenon..including a very insightful comment by a Del Rey editor on the things they have to take into consideration when planning promotions for a book
This one is fun too...from the Guardian, about what might have happened if casting in Hollywood had gone according to plan...
And in the Really Important and World-Altering News Section, we have this startling announcement - Sesame Street is going Hindi soon. What'll they call it - Til Marg?
Wait, theres more...apparently people still read Enid Blyton a lot.
To round off todays links, Putu found this old article by Dom Moraes that talks of, well, the old days, and stars Dhiren Bhagat and David Davidar.
So much for sloth and idleness.


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