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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

It's all in the head

To date, Putu's most creative plot for a best selling novel came in the middle of the night in a Glasgow hotel..but never having managed to actually to write that novel, Putu is most heartened to see this latest enterprise by Sam Brown and Caroline Jupp. Titled The Library of Unwritten Books, this mobile collection will contain unwritten gems such as The Man who was Addicted to Seeing and Scrumping in Persia. Carried around in a little trolley this art exhibition, which is what this really is, will be on at the Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth till August 28, which means...ahem, that there is little chance of Putu personally visiting it. Which makes me wonder why no one's ever done this online before....a blog in fact, would be a good place to start. So if any fellow Putuian has an unwritten novel that they can't quite get across to Brown and Jupp in time, Putu would be glad to blog it.


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