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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Meet Willy Wonka- from Nebraska.

Putu can't help but smile at the discovery of an exchange of letters between Roald Dahl and a certain Mr Willy Wonka from Blue Hill, Nebraska. A series of letters has been unearthed in which Dahl expresses his astonishment that Willy Wonka actually exists and goes on to reveal how he stumbled upon the name in the first place. His brother had created a boomerang called Skilly Wonka and by "changing two letters only I arrived at Willy Wonka. This is the absolute truth, although I have so far told it to no-one but you." Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the most successful book Dahl ever wrote, and despite some bizarre allegations that Putu vaguely remembers about Willy Wonka being a child abuser, Putu can't help but remember Roald Dahl with a purr of admiration.


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