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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Happy Birthday

....to me. Putu is a year older today. Putu will not tell readers Putu's age, and assumes that such questions are unseemly. But it is that time of the year that Putu indulges in a little bit of nostalgia. For those of you who've written to me asking me a bit about my life, I'm not going to tell-all. But here are some basic facts. I was born under a bed in what I was later told was a nice comfortable cushioned box. My mother, the redoubtable Ms Leni Bose, who is still alive and healthy, and a true matriarch, brought me up with an iron hand. Her one weakness however was a neighbour of ours, Mr Prasenjit, whose untimely death as a result of a midnight fight threw my mother into a fit of depression. My family, who have all called to wish me, includes Mr Bhojohori Manna, a handsome young gentleman who is unfortunately somewhat coming to terms with his sexuality, Mr Bolohori Manna, an equally virile young man, who came to terms with his sexuality a while ago, Miss Bhutni Datta, my aunt, friend, philosopher and guide. Putu has always believed in the philosophy of non-discrimination as enshrined in our glorious Constitution- that we shall not discriminate on the basis of case, gender, race, sex, sexual orientation and so on. Unfortunately, Putu's own family has never quite followed that principle, and Ms Bhutni, who is well, rather, 'wheatish' in complexion (well, okay, let's be politically incorrect, she's black. There, I said it. She's black), but has lovely green eyes, has always been somewhat mis-treated. Now that she's older, wiser and leads a quiet solitary life, those around her are beginning to appreciate her quiet dignity. I love her a lot and wish she was right here on my birthday.


Blogger Hurree said...

Sir. I am corn phuse. Because Ryze is telling me, joyous bthudday of Putu the Cat eej coming up bherry soon, as of December Phor Teen. Who eej mishtake? Or is Putu twins?

We wish you a happy happy allasame.

11:16 pm  
Blogger putu said...

ah. well, nov 3 is forebrains birthday, and forebrain has forethought. my joyous b. is indeed on dec 14.
many happy to you as well :D

7:56 am  
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