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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Adrian Mole and the WMDs

Nope, this isn't an anti war rant. Adrian Mole is back- for what might be the last book in a series that has absolutely captivated a generation. (I have personally converted at least a dozen people into Adrian Mole fans). That this might be the last book is because Sue Townsend is now registered blind and has found it increasingly difficult to write. She needs to dictate her books to her husband, and despite a magnifier cannot read for more than a quarter of an hour at a stretch. The book is set in 2002 with a running commentary on the Iraq war which is so direct, it barely qualifies as satire. Mole is exactly as he was in book 1- sexually frustrated and perplexed as to why the world fails to recognize his obvious literary talent. But by the end of the book Mole seems to attain a sense of peace, and despite Townsend's claim that there might be sequel, this might be a final goodbye.


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