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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Links on a lazy morning

Putu was taking a nice looong Sunday morning snooze and has just woken up, and has decided to post a few links because Putu is too lazy to do anything else. First, there's the review for David Lodge's new book Author Author, and here's an extract from the book.

One of Putu's favourite authors less than favourable review. Dalhousie is apparently more predictable than Mma Ramotswe and much less charming. Putu is yet to read the book, but is hoping to remedy that sometime today after which Putu will post a much longer personal review.

And there's nothing better on a Sunday morning that a second childhood. So here's the Guardian's top four shortlisted book for this year's Children's Fiction Prize. The only scary bit is that if you read the blurbs none of them sound remotely child-like or childish to me? After complaining for years that children's books were way too patronizing are we in danger of going too far the other way?


Blogger Dream Debutante said...

Dear Putu, I read a lot of children's books, and yes, on a superficial level, they have become less childlike. They no longer deal with simple black and whites, there are conflicts over homosexuality in the family, impending divorces, and even sexual harassment.

But surely these things have always troubled kids? Just that they were never to be brought out into the open; they were to be kept within the family. Children's writers, dyed in the same societal conditioning, wrote about kids on a mystery and the fun of the book was in enjoying their breakfasts at the farmer's.

Books for young readers these days often play out the drama in the emotional life of the protagonist while the movement of the plot comes from an external mystery.

But if you're tired of a lot of bull that passes as children's reading, I suggest you read the writings of Lemony Snicket. He is a fabulous antithesis to the worlds created by Blyton and Rowling (both of whom I am unashamed to say, I love).

8:20 AM  
Blogger putu said...

Oh, yes, love Snicket. Extremely well written, and extremely well marketed. Theres a movie coming up starring Jim Carrey, right?
Read a lot of kid-lit meself, esp kids fantasy. Constantly rereading both Colfer and Pullman, recently got hooked to Stroud. quite liked eragon too.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Dream Debutante said...

Must read Walter Moers. Have you?

11:47 AM  
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