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Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm the HindBrain..

..and I'm reporting for duty. Larging on the promptings on the forebrain and particularly since I have my ethernet and my keyboard restored for the moment. First, the putrid stuff. There's this apallingly bad review of Amitava Kumar's latest book by Swapan Dasgupta. Given the latter's saffron leanings, his view on Kumar are not that surprising. But at least he could have spared the poor chap that comparison with a terrorist at the start and the end? It's not only pointless but a symptomatic of Dasgupta's moral and political vaccuum. Well, and then there's Waterstone's at Piccadilly in London where the Italian perfume makers Laura Tonnato have introduced five new brands of perfume to mark five odorous moments in literary history. What on earth will they think of next...how about some Putu Perfume..ideally a potent combination of musty feline smells combined with the inimitable odour of Whiskas tuna in jelly...what say you forebrain?


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