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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Reviews so far- v.v. bad

In the words of Peter Bradshaw: "Britain's best-known twittering hamster is back, doing her trademark blonde pout on every billboard in the land: one part Marilyn to three parts Kenneth Williams. " The new Bridget Jones' movie, by common consensus isn't a patch on the old one. However, Putu must confess here, that Putu wasn't all that enamoured of movie 1- it was your usual Hollywood romantic comedies. And while Putu loves curling up on a cold winter day with a mushy movie and some warm milk, Putu has certainly seen better. While Renee Zellwegger (who's actually now that I think about it, the perfect choice for Bridget) was sort of relucant to put on all that weight, Hugh Grant is ready to call it quits, and the Independent has a few kind words for him.

By the way, as for those reviews, here are some bad ones, some not so good ones, some not so bad ones, and surprise surprise, a good one.


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