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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Its award time in comicdom, so Putu decides to institute a whole new set of them. So (drumroll), here are Putu's choices.

Enid Blyton award for best school comic - New X-Men: Academy X (De Filippis, Weir)

Louisa May Alcott award for best all-women comic - Birds of Prey (Simone)

P. G. Wodehouse award for best humourous comic - I can't believe its not the Justice League (De Matteis, Giffen)

Michael Moore award for best political comic - The Ultimates (Ellis)

Picasso award for best illlustrated comic - Phoenix:Endsong (Land)

Mani Ratnam award for most overhyped comic - Countdown to Infinite Crisis (Rucka, Johns)


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