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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Vanshika did win Abhay over...

...but at great cost to Putu's sanity. Putu ended up watching Silsila Hain Pyar Ka on television today and relived one of the worst nightmares Putu has ever been through. Now, you'd probably think that Putu had a light case of indigestion, was clearly exaggerating and needs to go eat some grass. But you're wrong. This is the only movie that has given Putu many sleepless nights....after all, can Putu ever forget Chandrachud Singh saying to Karishma Kapoor: tum to diwar par chhipkali ki tarah ho? and KK looking back in undying adoration...can Putu ever forget KK's transformation from nerdy behenji to hot-babe-in-Switzerland-wearing-miniskirts....a Switzerland where all the waiters speak immaculate Hindi.....but most of all, will Putu ever forget that gruesome sight of Danny Dengzongpa's castle, in a desolate island off the coast of Hindi speaking Switzerland, where he lovingly prepares a treat for KK, and at the touch of a button, the curtains part, the stage is illuminated and the gift is revealed....an entire collection of stuffed human beings. Uggghh......


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Wandering in via Kitabkhana. And glad i did. Shall be back.

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