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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Cat novel

Putu should have blogged about this a while ago- a serious omission. One of Putu's close friends, Adrita Mukherjee won the Penguin e-author contest a while ago writing about....well....cats.
If you want to read the first chapter of Jacaranda Blooms, go take a look. It's also one of the rare campus novels set in India. To be honest, Putu can't think of any others. AM has sadly moved to NZ and the book never got published. But if anyone is interested in entering the penguin e-author contest, check the Oxford Bookstore homepage. The 2004 winner incidentally was Smitha Parigi, a journalist.


Blogger putu said...

to be even more honest, SOME bits of Putu can think of other campus novels, and wonder who the hell AM is. These bits were also born a little before Putus birthday, so its all very confusing.

12:29 AM  

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