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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Putu was wondering...

...if anyone knows who published the debate between Ram Guha and Boria on charges of plagiarism or how and where Putu could access it, or even what the basic gist of the debate was. Putu is delving rather seriously into the social history of Indian cricket (all the while perched rather comfortably on an armchair) and would be rather grateful for this information. Anyone who can help Putu will be rewarded with a sufficiently large tin of Whiskas-tuna in jelly and maybe even some gourmet food.


Blogger Hurree said...

I think I remember reading an Outlook story on Boria and Ram Guha many years back. Check their archives; the website's hard to search. As to what it was all about, ask S Deb at Outlook; he had de dope.

1:40 am  

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