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Friday, October 01, 2004

Putu on Putu

Putu's been getting a few mails post-TOI article (apart from the ones from arms dealers, that is) including mails speculating on Putu's gender (ie, is Putu babu or belle? as the mail put it), in response to which Putu would like to encourage the gentle reader to look through the archives, as Putu has dealt with this question before and it is a complicated subject. Putu would also like to present Putu's compliments to Monish Datta, who is owned by another cat named Putu, and tell him
a) Putu is pleased to find other cats named Putu, and having conducted a Google search has found that Putu is quite a popular names for cats worldwide. it is too early in Putu's career for Putu (a modest, well-brought-up cat) to assume that these Putu's have been named after The Putu, ie me. Putu wonders why Putu as a name for cats cuts across all barriers of race, nationality and language. It is probably something to do with the Feline Principle.
b) Putu will not be posting a picture of Putu-the-owner-of-Monish on this blog, as it could only lead to confusion. But Putu wishes P-t-o-o-M lifelong health and happiness, and is pleased to note that PtooM seems to have found a loving and caring human.
c) How Putu got Putu's name is a long and complicated story involving late nights, an empty Kali mandir, aged monks and sleeping Tam-Brahm grandmothers. Some other time, perhaps.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

And so it begins

Putu hits national superstardom...with coverage in TOI...
Dont say.
I didn't
warn you.
Join up.
While you still can
Before it is

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mulk Raj Anand (1905-2004)

In a week of literary deaths, Putu mourns the death of Mulk Raj Anand. Educated in Cambridge and London, he lived in Britain for many years. His novel Untouchable, which details the life of a 15 year old untouchable boy, first brought him literary acclaim. It is believed that the story was written in response to a personal tragedy- his aunt committed suicide after being ostracised for dining with a Muslim. Anand died of pneumonia in Pune at the age of 99.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Meanwhile, at the OberoiCorp HQ...

The Pavitr Prabhakar spiderman story is old news, of course, but Putu was just reading a few pages from the new comic.

Meera Jain: I've been in your shoes. I didnt get a scholarship like you but i AM from a village near Amravati...My mum used to drive me nuts with her wear-a-salwar-kameez-because-its-tradition talk.

Pavitr Prabhakar (later): Face it, Prabhakar. Shah Rukh Khan you're not.

And here is the village-belle MJ...

Hee hee hee

the elegant rhythms of Divakaruni's native Indian tongue give "Queen of Dreams" an exotic -- and yes, dreamlike -- quality
Putu has a confession to make. Putu actually likes Aishwarya Rai. Yes, Putu knows it's not fashionable any more, but ah well. Putu liked her before she became famous, like Halle Berry, another star right-thinking people love to loathe. Not that Putu's love for AR is going to extend as far as watching the Mistress of Spices movie, of course. Oh no.
Also, remember, you read it here first - what, you ask, not unreasonably - this. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is part of Putu's global domination plan. How, you ask? It will all be clear in a while, my dear. It will all be clear. In due course. At the opportune moment. Just wait. And watch. And watch. The weight.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

The Big Fish Fry

Quick blog, as Putu’s supposed to be hard at work. But had to link to this really nice interview with one of Putu’s idols, Stephen Fry, master of some trades, jack of all. Actor, writer, now director, comedian, and what not else. Putu bends whiskers in unabashed fandom.
Incidentally, people keep asking Putu how to get into publishing houses. Putu a) has no idea b) is pleased to learn it's such a sought-after career.
Even more incidentally - Anne Rice is NOT refunding disgruntled readers for copies of the book that theyre sending back to her. Tchah.