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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

More lists

Putu will also do a little write up on the 10 greatest comic book authors, one at a time. Here is Putu's list, in order.

10. Joss Whedon
9. Warren Ellis
8. Brian Bendis
7. Mark Millar
6. Grant Morrison
5. Bill Willigham
4. Frank Miller
3. Brian K. Vaughn
2. Neil Gaiman
1. Alan Moore


Its award time in comicdom, so Putu decides to institute a whole new set of them. So (drumroll), here are Putu's choices.

Enid Blyton award for best school comic - New X-Men: Academy X (De Filippis, Weir)

Louisa May Alcott award for best all-women comic - Birds of Prey (Simone)

P. G. Wodehouse award for best humourous comic - I can't believe its not the Justice League (De Matteis, Giffen)

Michael Moore award for best political comic - The Ultimates (Ellis)

Picasso award for best illlustrated comic - Phoenix:Endsong (Land)

Mani Ratnam award for most overhyped comic - Countdown to Infinite Crisis (Rucka, Johns)