Putu the Cat

Fear me, if you dare. Meow.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Putu and the Deadline

Deadline nearing
Putu fearing
Work completed will be not
Deadline coming
Putu humming
Tune of cat who will be shot

Deadline closer
Putu knows a
Stress-relieving brewery
Deadling sighting
Putu writing
Putu’s obituary

Deadline ‘proaching
Putu broaching
Subject of an extension
Deadline standing
Putu landing
Paw on head in much tension

Deadline eying
Putu dying
Putu facing killer stress
Deadline creeping
Putu weeping
Why is Putu such a mess?

Deadline ‘riving
Putu striving
Sleep and food Putu reject
Deadline is met
Putu’s kismet
Is to live till next project

Friday, September 10, 2004

Um, I'M the hindbrain, actually.

Putu the Cat.
Feline schizophrenia with a literary twist, and more than a little gender confusion, set in Calcutta, Harvard and the internet. Live on the web.
Who needs TV any more?

For those who love exotica, here's a review of a book about Maharanis by a Lucy someone.Sample:

" Jit was an Old Etonian and an anglophile. His family had long been the exotic pets of the British aristocracy and royal family. Less serious than her mother, Indira rejoiced in her new role; when her husband drank himself to death - a habit in the Cooch Behar family - she was genuinely distraught but soon settled down as an extravagantly merry widow. She spent a fortune on clothes and jewellery, gambled to excess, was an essential feature of every truly fashionable party and slept around with reckless abandon. "We called her the Maharani of Couche Partout," a friend remembered. "

Anyway, yet again. Thats one book Putu will not be reading.
Hurree Babu has the Boston WorldCon related links first, as usual, and the Mumpsimus has everything you might want to know on the subject, but Putu promises something more...a report on WorldCon from an Indian writer who delivered lectures on Speculative Fiction and the subcontinent, hopefully with pictures...coming up over the weekend. Mihihihi.

And speaking of gorgeous Chinese women (which we were, though you might not have noticed) here's the Guardian on Zhang Ziyi, who frequently puts the Zing back in Putu's life.
The site also has an interview with Mackenzie Cook, who Putu loves for very different reasons, primarily the popping eyeball scene in Pirates of the Caribbean.

I'm the HindBrain..

..and I'm reporting for duty. Larging on the promptings on the forebrain and particularly since I have my ethernet and my keyboard restored for the moment. First, the putrid stuff. There's this apallingly bad review of Amitava Kumar's latest book by Swapan Dasgupta. Given the latter's saffron leanings, his view on Kumar are not that surprising. But at least he could have spared the poor chap that comparison with a terrorist at the start and the end? It's not only pointless but a symptomatic of Dasgupta's moral and political vaccuum. Well, and then there's Waterstone's at Piccadilly in London where the Italian perfume makers Laura Tonnato have introduced five new brands of perfume to mark five odorous moments in literary history. What on earth will they think of next...how about some Putu Perfume..ideally a potent combination of musty feline smells combined with the inimitable odour of Whiskas tuna in jelly...what say you forebrain?

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


And this sudden spurt in pageviews, courtesy Kitabkhana, marks the beginning of Putu's evil plan to Take Over The World.....
For all those envious eyeballs ricocheting in their....and I mean it...sockets, if you want to write good, like Putu, this is where you go
not to be repetitive, but...

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Putu's Literary Saga with Happy Ending

Dedicated to Tiger of Bengal, Pride of Nation, Nephew of Putu.

Putu writing classic book,
Gentle reader, come take look
Putu’s magic pen on thaba
Putu will be Rushdie’s baba

Putu finish classic novel
Agent publisher all grovel
Banging door of Putu’s house
Running like the three blind mouse

Putu is craze song and dance
Has mosto foreign advance
Putu is sure shot for Booker
All say Putu sexy looker

All reviewer, one by one
Saying Putu son of gun
Mixing Dan Brown mass appeal
With G. Marquez magic real

NDTV girl with paunch
Asking quote at Putu launch,
Asking Putu, tell the nation
What is Putu’s inspiration?

Putu says, dear girl, as such
None is fix but ilish maach
Sometimes little mangsho bhaat
Quicking beat of Putu’s heart

That is all Putu is needing
Thank you for coming to reading.
NDTV lady smile
Charmed is all by Putu style

Vikram, Zadie, VS, Hari
All sitting in Putu’s bari
Putu curling lengthy whisker
Drinking Pepsi with Talisker

All say Putu what is next?
What will be next epic text?
Putu saying, fiddlesticks
No more verbal gymnastics

Mira Nair came on phone
Would not leave Putu alone
Book shook writing jolly good
But now time for Bollywood

Putu book will now be movie
All will be disco and groovy
Besides writer Putu’ll be
Idol, Bombay matinee

With Putu as leading star
Music mix by Bappi da
With ShahRukh as villain plumber
Yana Gupta item number

So when you see Putu Cat
Become great aristocrat
Wearing coat with skin of dog,
Remember this Putu blog.

Links on a lazy morning

Putu was taking a nice looong Sunday morning snooze and has just woken up, and has decided to post a few links because Putu is too lazy to do anything else. First, there's the review for David Lodge's new book Author Author, and here's an extract from the book.

One of Putu's favourite authors less than favourable review. Dalhousie is apparently more predictable than Mma Ramotswe and much less charming. Putu is yet to read the book, but is hoping to remedy that sometime today after which Putu will post a much longer personal review.

And there's nothing better on a Sunday morning that a second childhood. So here's the Guardian's top four shortlisted book for this year's Children's Fiction Prize. The only scary bit is that if you read the blurbs none of them sound remotely child-like or childish to me? After complaining for years that children's books were way too patronizing are we in danger of going too far the other way?