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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bengalis think Mao is a cat

Putu hasn't had much time to do the book round up thingie. But the spring thaw has arrived, it's time to emerge from under that blanket (thanks to You Know Who for sending it over) and tell you about what I've been reading through the winter. Well, when the cold really set in, I couldn't look any further than what you snobs call 'chick-lit' and what we, hoi-polloi that we are, prefer to call, 'candy fluff'. But the Guardian upbraids us all and suggests that in fact I may even have been engaged in serious literary pursuits under that blanket. Putu's also managed to find time to read Orhan Pamuk and Nick Hornby's latest offerings. Judgement shall be offered in a later post. Enough to say for the moment that Putu likie one, and not likie the other. In order for Putu to have an inspiring 2005, Putu read some of those 'pick me up' biographies. The one of Paul Farmer just left Putu feeling slightly desperate and not very cheered at all. But then Putu turned to some medical fiction and was appalled by the rubbish that is My Sister's Keeper. Really, what passes for best-selling fiction in Yankeeland is disturbing. No 13 year old ever talks like that....and the end is too contrived for Putu to purr. Putu is hoping to read The Time Traveller's Wife, Small Island and Cloud Atlas before the summer hits. All donations to the Putu Poyesha for Porashona will be most welcome...

And P.S. the title has nothing to do with the post. Bleaaaaggghhhh.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Old is gold

Putu believes that they always did it better in the good old days. Especially with comic books. Look at the following mix of romance, intrigue, music and superheroics from the 1950's.