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Thursday, May 26, 2005

House of Looking Daggers

Putu is spitting fire. And brimstone. Putu's new DVD, which includes, among other films, Mr. Yimou's House of Flying Daggers, has no subtitles. Yes, fights look equally wonderful without subtitles. but Putu wants to know what the story is about.
Another day, then.
At least Sin City is in English. Will watch that, then.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Daak (the Post) on Chalachitra (the Movie)

Putu was much amused by seeing what Jabberwock had to say about English transalations of Hindi movie titles.

This got Putu thinking about the recent trend of Hindi movie producers, of tacking on the English transalation of a Hindi title to the and of the title itself, like a reduntant subtitle. Some classic examples.

Ehsaas - the Feeling (2001)
Angaar - the Fire (2002)
Ghaav - the Wound (2002)
Shakti - the Power (2002)
Dhund - the Fog (2003)
Jaal - the Trap (2003)
Khanjar - the Knife (2003)
Mudda - the Issue (2003)
Sannata - the Silence (2003)
Hatya - the Murder (2004)
Insaaf - the Justice (2004)
Shart - the Challenge (2004)
Vajra - the Weapon (2004)

Then there were the slightly smarter ones who added a single adjective in the subtitle

Nayak - the Real Hero (2001)
Sur - the Melody of Life (2002)
Ansh - the Deadly Part (2002)
Talaash - the Hunt Begins (2003)
Dukaan - the Body Shop (2004)
Intequam - the Perfect Game (2004)
Garv - Pride and Honour (2004)
Wajahh - a Reason to Kill (2004)

...or a few more

Bazaar - Market of Love, Lust and Desire (2004)

In some cases, the explanatory word was in the same language

Encounter - the Killing (2002)
Bawaal - the Panga (2004)

And in some, the subtitle was completely at odds with the main title

Baaz - a Bird in Danger (2003) - (For the Hindi-challenged, a Baaz is a raptor and its prey is likelier to be in danger)
Tarzan - the Wonder Car (2004)

But the all time classic has to be

Daag - the Fire (1999)

And it doesn't end - wait for "Mazhab - the Religion" in the Nazdeeq Bhavishya - the Near Future.