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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Argo knots

Reading from yesterday first – this excellent article on the NYT film site which deals with the cult of the Big Lebowski, one of Putu’s favourite movies, specially the musical bits. Best song in the movie – Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Looking out my back door – the bit where they croon ‘Dude, dude, dude’ is, well, nice.
Also right up there is this Woody Allen article from the Guardian, and this profile of Chuck Fight Club Palahniuk from the Independent, which Putu would like to dedicate to the bewildered MusicWorld shopgirl who listened to Putu explain the rules of Fight Club as Putu searched in vain for the VCD.
Putu spent a most enjoyable day watching various movies today, the most memorable of which were Moulin Rouge – with which Putu’s only problem is that Putu thought absinthe was blue, and hence Kylie Minogue should have been the Blue Fairy – and Ray Harryhausen special effects spectacular Jason and the Argonauts, in which Putu greatly enjoyed both the flabbiness/emaciation (is that a word?) of the crew members – imagine how washboard-abbedly beefy they would have been today – and the jerky moving monsters, especially the Children of the Hydra’s Teeth. The image says it all.

Putu has also become a lifelong fan of Nancy Kovack, who stars as Medea in this film, and is all thrilled to discover that she also happens to be Zubin Mehta's partner.

Vanshika did win Abhay over...

...but at great cost to Putu's sanity. Putu ended up watching Silsila Hain Pyar Ka on television today and relived one of the worst nightmares Putu has ever been through. Now, you'd probably think that Putu had a light case of indigestion, was clearly exaggerating and needs to go eat some grass. But you're wrong. This is the only movie that has given Putu many sleepless nights....after all, can Putu ever forget Chandrachud Singh saying to Karishma Kapoor: tum to diwar par chhipkali ki tarah ho? and KK looking back in undying adoration...can Putu ever forget KK's transformation from nerdy behenji to hot-babe-in-Switzerland-wearing-miniskirts....a Switzerland where all the waiters speak immaculate Hindi.....but most of all, will Putu ever forget that gruesome sight of Danny Dengzongpa's castle, in a desolate island off the coast of Hindi speaking Switzerland, where he lovingly prepares a treat for KK, and at the touch of a button, the curtains part, the stage is illuminated and the gift is revealed....an entire collection of stuffed human beings. Uggghh......

Meet Willy Wonka- from Nebraska.

Putu can't help but smile at the discovery of an exchange of letters between Roald Dahl and a certain Mr Willy Wonka from Blue Hill, Nebraska. A series of letters has been unearthed in which Dahl expresses his astonishment that Willy Wonka actually exists and goes on to reveal how he stumbled upon the name in the first place. His brother had created a boomerang called Skilly Wonka and by "changing two letters only I arrived at Willy Wonka. This is the absolute truth, although I have so far told it to no-one but you." Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the most successful book Dahl ever wrote, and despite some bizarre allegations that Putu vaguely remembers about Willy Wonka being a child abuser, Putu can't help but remember Roald Dahl with a purr of admiration.

Love In the Time of Hollywood

After resisting for many years, Gabriel Garcia Marquez has agreed to a film version of his classic Love in the Time of Cholera. The controversial author whose support for the Castro regime has drawn the ire of many including Susan Sontag, in a much publicised encounter, might even be persuaded to write the screenplay. There's no news on the cast but the names of Jude Law and Nicole Kidman are being bandied about.

And while Putu's discussing Hollywood, Putu just had to report. Mmmm....Ralph Fiennes will play the role of Lord Voldemort in the fourth Harry Potter movie, which will also feature Miranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter. Mmm.......