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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Big Willy D v Ragamuffin Rama D: Check it

Dis goes out from Putu C to all de wide eyed bitchez and buttyboys who is still reedin de dem wanker books insted of getting wid de times and goin and gettin demselves big style knobbed.
Is you all is wanting to know bout de latest showdown on de write side between da main man Wide Willy D (Westside Wondaz) v da merican outkast Rude Rama G of de Eastside Istry Boyz?
Then you is come to de wrong place, innit?
Putu C is ardly goin to lay down da link in second place when Putu's main man, de real deal, de original readamuffin Urree B as already lain down de links to de new eastwest showdown in is bigstyle blog zone, kitabkhana, yeah?
Check it.
Is you is still looking for links, yeah?
Talk to de and.

Belling the CAT

Today is D-day (or C-day or whatever) for millions of earnest-browed and sweaty-palmed management aspirants all over the country. Putu would like to convey Putu's commiserations, consolations, congratulations and best wishes, but state for the record that there is nothing even remotely feline about this multiple-choice mayhem