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Thursday, December 30, 2004


very, very slowly, from a carefully cultivated state of hibernation, Putu looks around, blinking, for books to end the year with.
And finds a huge stack of fantasy books which should have been read this summer.
fair enough.
OK, so whats been happening?
BBC slideshow of 2004's memorable films. Monthwise, too. Theyre so organized. While were on lists, heres the biggest stars of 2004 from imdb.
This is a film Putu really wants to see...
Books, OK. "There's an old saying - 'You can lead a whore to culture but you can't make her sing'," says Tom Wolfe, about his bad sex award. "In this case, you can lead an English literary wannabe to irony but you can't make him get it."
Looking ahead, here's the Guardians books to look forward to in 2005
"Zadie Smith's long-anticipated new novel will be a searingly prescient, Kelmanesque piece of social criticism about a 25-year-old call-centre worker from Cumbernauld who withdraws from the world into her horrible flat after spending her redundancy money on videos of Harry Potter, Pogle's Wood, Tolkien, Star Trek, The Simpsons and King of the Hill. It consists of the heroine engaging in a dialogue with the telly for more pages than you'll be able to bear. It will be called, evocatively, Kirsty's Home Videos, and is the bookies' joint favourite for the Man Booker, along with Martin Amis whose novel, The Unexpected Return to Form of Martin Amis, has already won many admirers."
Do read the last line, though.
And the new Potter, Half-blood Prince,
will be out in July.
And tomorrow will see the beginning of the deluge of our blessed Indian media's awful year-end roundups.
Yawn. Have to wake up more.


Putu saw Rituparno Ghosh's new one, Raincoat, which was grey, cold, bleak and depressing. Not like Calcutta rain at all - more like London or something. The cast is great on the whole, but the editing is not so hot - its far, far too long. The Delhi crowd around Putu werent too impressed by the whole 'whiny losers weep and lie' theme of the movie, but Putu liked, on the whole. Actual characters in there, even if very uninspiring. Ending very predictable, though. Apart from Aishwarya looking lovely in a rather Ophelia-esque way, the best things about the movie were Annu Kapoor, who was brilliantly sleazy, and Mouli Ganguly, who does the whole kinky Bengali boudi bit effortlessly, and, Putu suspects, unintentionally. Much more chemistry between her and Devgan than between the lead pair.